Locally Owned Health Food Store in Atlanta, GA

Welcome to Fruits, Veggies & Herbs. We’re a local health food store in Atlanta, GA, providing quality whole foods to our local shoppers and surrounding neighborhoods. By offering natural, local, and organic foods, we’re building a healthier community. From bulk herbs to seasonal produce, you can find a wide variety of healthy and fresh options at our store, all grown right here in Fulton County. 

About Fruits, Veggies & Herbs

Our minority-owned health food store opened its doors to the Atlanta community in 2002. Over the years, our mission has stayed the same: end the grocery gap. The grocery gap is an issue affecting urban populations. While the grocery gap continues to exist, people are facing severe health consequences. By shopping at our health food store, you’ll take advantage of all-natural products available at affordable prices, because everyone deserves access to organic food.

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Supporting Local Farmers

All the fresh produce you see at our health food store is grown in Atlanta. Supporting local farmers means getting real fruits and vegetables that haven’t been stimulated by gassing or left to sit in a warehouse for weeks. Locally grown food gives back to farmers and their families, helps the environment, and brings you better health benefits. Never again will you have to worry about where your food comes from. At our store, all the food comes straight from your own community.

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At Fruits, Veggies & Herbs, you’ll live a healthier lifestyle, experience better flavors, and save money—what’s not to love? Stop by our health food store today and find the organic food you need.